Age Calculator

Calculates your age by counting the number of Years, months and days since birth. The calculator depicts various stages of your life on a Timeline Chart.

How to use Age Calculator ?
Simply enter your date of birth and click on calculate. Optionally you can calculate age on a different date in the future or in the past by changing in 'Age as on' date. The calculator will display your age in years, months, weeks and days.
How is the age calculated ?
Age is calculated by counting the number of years, months and days completed since birth. Leaps years and months with 31 days are all factored in the calculations. So, you can expect a very accurate calculation of the age down to the number of days.
Timeline chart:
The calculator depicts various stages of your life...Infancy, Childhood, Teenage, Adulthood, Middle-age and Golden years in an interactive chart. This can help you see the year you would reach the retirement, etc. Additionally, you will be displayed with the day of the week your were born( Example: Monday), number of days remaining for your next birthday and and day of the week it falls on, and your age in dog years!
I found a bug, how to report it ?
Please send us an email at, we will fix it!
A brief note on Aging by the Author:
Your chronological age is just a number as I see it, biological age is more important. Though how fast we age is mostly determined by our genes, you can do a few things to slow it down .

Don't over eat
Eating less is beneficial for health. There are group of people called cronies who eat a calorie restricted diet in the hope of living longer, although calorie restriction increased life expectancy in animals, it is not yet clear if it works humans or primates. When they tested cronies, what was apparent was calorie restriction made them healthy virtually eliminated chances of getting major diseases like heart disease. We still don't know if calorie restriction increases life expectancy, but we do know that over eating increases the likely hood of many life threatening diseases.

Stay Active
Exercise does help you live longer. The British settlers in Australia live 2 years longer that their counterparts in the UK. Due to the climate in Australia people have a more active lifestyle than in the UK, and they live longer as consequence.

Make love
Sex is known to have beneficial effects on health including increasing your life span, studies show that having regular sex increases the life expectancy by 3 to 8 years.

Good Food
Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish are thought to increase life expectancy. Eating food rich in anti oxidants like blueberries and red Kidney beans help boost your immune system and help your live longer.

Be Enthusiatic
Being curious and enthusiastic may help your life longer and happier. Do something new like developing an app, traveling to a new place, etc. How about this for inspiration, Sir David Attenbourough at the age of 88 is quiet enthusiastic about make adventures wild life documentaries.

Most importantly be young at heart, always!!
A short video on Age Calculator
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